School Services Travel - Start of 2020 School Year

As the new school year has commenced and this being a busy time when we are processing a lot of new Bus Pass Applications, we ask that you be patient while we work through these and get bus passes out to you in the quickest possible manner. At this time of year it takes approximately 1 - 2 weeks for your application to be processed and then allow additional time for your bus passes once printed to be sent out to you via Australia Post.

In the unlikely event that you are still waiting for your bus passes … 


We operate a 3 week grace period at the start of the school year. During this time our drivers allow students to travel without a valid pass. Once the grace period is over, drivers will begin to record names and details of all students who aren’t able to present a valid pass, in line with the Queensland Transport Student Code of Conduct.  

For any existing Bus Pass Holders the following information applies.

  • TransportMe Bus Passes

2019 saw the release of the white TransportMe electronic bus passes.  For any students who have been issued with a white TransportMe bus pass, please continue to use these passes through 2020 and for the duration of your schooling years when you are travelling on Brisbane Bus Lines Services.

  • Bus Travel Applications

Please complete a new BTA Application when:

  • your child has changed schools
  • there is a change of residential address
  • there is a change of travel frequency

These forms are obtainable on our website or you can call our office and we can email you one. 

  • If your bus pass has been lost or damaged it needs to be replaced at a cost of $22.00.  Replacement Bus Pass Forms are available:
    • from our drivers and once filled in they can be handed back to the driver to deliver to our office
    • from our website under School Services - School Bus Travel Forms
    • by contacting our office on 3354 3633 or
    • via email to schools [at]
  • All other students who were issued one of our standard coloured bus passes last year and are not changing schools in 2020, have had new 2020 bus passes mailed out in the 1st week of January. If you haven’t received your bus pass by now please contact us to follow up.
  • For any other questions you can fill out an enquiry form here and your questions will be answered ASAP. Please understand that it may take up to 48 hours for us to get back to you.